Arizona is known for a unique winter season. Of all the state’s popular neighborhoods, there is one place with a winter experience that attracts snowbirds by the flocks.

If you guessed Desert Mountain, you’re correct. Winter lovers are captivated by Desert Mountain’s one of a kind winter. 

This season is different from the usual desert climates and conditions, and the transition into the winter months is always welcomed by locals. When the days start getting shorter and the air gets cooler, everyone knows that the winter delights will be starting soon. 

A list of things to love about Desert Mountain in the wintertime would be endless, but here are a few of our favorite things: 

The Perfect Climate

If you’re seeking the perfect winter weather, look no further than Desert Mountain. 

Desert Mountain winters are dreamy. The temperatures are mild and there’s always watch for the occasional snow. The cooler, dry air washes over the horizons as a much-needed reprieve from the harsher summer conditions. 

In Desert Mountain, you can comfortably enjoy the outdoors during the winter. It isn’t too cold that you’re stuck indoors. Residents are able to embrace the cold and shift into the cozy season. 

You Can Still Enjoy a Hike

Since it’s not too cold, Desert Mountain residents can still enjoy their favorite outdoor activities. Hikers are eager to hit the trails all throughout the winter season. 

The cooler air and gentle sunshine cast a nice breezy ambiance over local hiking grounds. The paths are accentuated by the change of season. Hikers also appreciate the winter blooms highlighting the desert plants. You’ll see your favorite walkways be transformed by the change in climate – making the old feel new and fresh. 

It Isn’t Too Cold to Golf

Golfing is also a go in Desert Mountain during the winter. 

It’s not too cold to play this outdoor sport, either. This is one of the reasons that promotes such a healthy golfing culture in the local community. The playing season spans year-round, so there’s no interruption to the good times. 

Golfers are able to thrive in the winter months as they enjoy a totally different setting. The changing tree lines and plant activity surrounding the green makes Desert Mountain golfing picturesque.

Desert Mountain’s Convenient AZ Location 

Traveling is a norm in the wintertime. Families, friends, and loved ones are migrating to come together for the holidays. In this sense, Desert Mountain is a great place to be. The community is in a convenient location in Arizona, making traveling and receiving guests a breeze. 

Desert Mountain is rooted in Scottsdale, which is a major hub in AZ. The nearby airport has access to major cities, so it’s not difficult to get together for Christmas and New Years’. 

Desert Mountain’s centralized location takes some of the stress out of wintertime traveling for you and your family. 

Getting in the Holiday Spirit is Easy 

From Christmas to New Years’, Desert Mountain knows how to celebrate the holidays. 

From lights to holiday treats and delights, Desert Mountain is an amazing place to delve into classic winter festivities. Our villages are known for outstanding decorations, so you’ll be surrounded by the holiday spirit. 

Plus, Scottsdale offers all of the Christmas cheer you’re looking for. Light shows, ballets, fairs, special events, and local gatherings are all available to Desert Mountain residents. 

You and your family will love how Desert Mountain celebrates your favorite holidays. 

Making Memories at Home

Desert Mountain has an unmatched residential real estate scene. The housing market in this community is stunning, with each home adding something new and special to the dynamic array of villages. 

When you live in Desert Mountain, you’ll undoubtedly be in a home that’s made for entertaining. Whether it’s just you or the entire family, Desert Mountain homes make even the simple moments magical. 

Your beautiful home will serve as the backdrop for memories to be made. Your Desert Mountain dream home will shine during the winter nights, hosting intimate meals, festivities, movie nights, and stargazing sessions. 

These are just a few of the reasons why snowbirds love Desert Mountain living in the winter months. This place is special all year long, but winter brings out the best of Desert Mountain. In the winter, there’s nothing like calling Desert Mountain home.  

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